Fight for the moment (2014 CD version)

by No Quarter

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This is the unreleased CD version of the debut single "Fight for the moment"


released November 8, 2016

Jedd Baker - Vocals and lead guitar
Jack Kelleher - Drums
James O'Donoghue - Rhythm guitar
Jake Morrissey - Bass



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No Quarter Birmingham, UK

British Oi! band based in Birmingham. Formed January 2013.

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Track Name: Fight for the moment
Another day, another win
Fight together how it’s always been
Together we’re strong, divided we fall
We’ll never end up with our backs to the wall
We’re united in maximum force
No hesitation no one will pause
Don’t believe all the enemy lies
Everyone is guilty in their eyes

Now is the time to stand and fight
We’ll stand together with all our might
If we stand together we’ll never be broken
Stand together and we’ll fight for the moment

We won’t be defeated
We will never quit
Stand up for yourself without a doubt
We won’t take that kind of shit
In the face of adversity
We won’t cower down
We will fight until the end
Until all enemies are knocked down
Track Name: Hipster kids
You see them round
all round town
hanging on the high street
shopping around
going to salons
wearing womens clothes
looking like a bunch of
fucked up clones

...... Hipster kids!

whats going on
with the youth of today?
no individuals
they all look the same
got no bollocks
so they follow the crowd
but we are skinheads
and we shout it loud

If you see them
they'll give you shit
but you confront them
and they can't take it
they are spineless
but they can be brave
but if you wanna fight one
he'll run away